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The FYX Gateway is a marketplace that empowers gamers to own in-game items, and turns gameplay into scalable studio revenue.


Enterprise Plan: Scale with Confidence - - Zero Cost Entry, Profit-Driven Partnership. Designed for large-scale studios, this plan offers a no-cost integration, aligning our earnings with your success. Ideal for those aiming to scale new heights in gaming.
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Private Label
Dedicated Support

Gateway to Studio Success

Partnering with FYX Gaming means unleashing a world of opportunities for your game.

Grow Revenue: Earn royalties from player transactions and in-game item trading, adding a new source of income for your studio.

Monetize Engagement: Turn player dedication into dollars. FYX Gateway makes every moment in game a potential profit for your studio.

Boost Retention: Forge lasting engagement and loyalty. Ownership with FYX Gateway turns every session into a reason to return.

Elevate Community: Connect gamers, encourage collaboration, and strengthen player bonds as they engage in a shared marketplace.

What’s included in the plan:

Check out the following features FYX Gateway will provide your game studio.

  • Free Integration
  • Dedicated Game Market
  • Low Processing Fees
  • Cross Platform Compatibility
  • Volume Based Royalties
  • Unlimited User Accounts
  • Unlimited User Items
  • Private Label (Enterprise)
  • Dedicated Support after Integration (Enterprise)

Just Want to Learn More?

We understand that jumping into a new venture can be a significant commitment. If you're not quite ready to start building your integration with FYX Gateway, don't worry – you can start learning and exploring right away.

Book a Demo: Schedule a demo to discover how FYX Gateway can align with your future needs and goals. We will guide you through our platform, answer your questions, and tailor the experience to your requirements.

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Free integration and you start making money with your first user. We're so confident in our FYX Gateway that we don't need start up fees. We're like a squad that succeeds only when we both win.

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