Fyx Gaming FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Fyx Gaming

Is There a membership fee or an initial Cost that I have to pay?

Fyx Faq
Fyx only takes a small portion of the transaction fees to cover the costs of the service, there are no membership fees and you do not have to pay anything upfront when you decide to partner with fyx.

is cryptofights using my device to mine any type of cryptocurrency?

Fyx Faq
No, your device will not be used to mine any cryptocurrency.

would i be able to sell any in-game items for cryptocurrency or cash?

Fyx Faq
Items can be sold in our marketplace and added to your account balance, if you decide to trade items outside of the marketplace then it is up to you on what you will take for the trade.

what is a digital wallet and do i need one
in order to be able to play cryptofights?

Fyx Faq
You will not need a digital wallet in order to play CryptoFights.

How long is the integration process?

Fyx Faq
The integration process can be started immediately. The lenth of the integration and the timeframe for completion depends entirely on the technology your game is using and the complexity of how it’s set up.

Are All types of Games allowed in the Fyx gaming library?

Fyx Faq
Yes! The Fyx Gaming library allows games of all genres & platforms. Fyx even accepts games that have been rejected by other game libraries, such as the App Store or Steam.

do i need to purchase bitcoinsv in order to play the game and how do i do it?

Fyx Faq
BitcoinSV is one of the many payment options used to fund your account.

would i be able to withdraw the crypto i’ve won while playing the game?

Fyx Faq
You do not win cryptocurrency but actual cash. That cash can be withdrawn through our cashier into your bank account using one of our multiple options

I have another question but I don't see it in the FAQ?

Fyx Faq
You can send us a question, submit a bug report or suggest a new feature for fyx or all of our products. Click here to do it.