What is the Metaverse?

Once a niche concept beloved of tech enthusiasts, the idea of a centralized virtual world, a “place” parallel to the physical world, has careened into the mainstream landscape this year, as epitomized by Facebook’s decision in October to rebrand as Meta. Millions of people are spending hours a day in virtual social spaces like Roblox and Fortnite. Interest in purely digital ownership—and the technology that proponents believe can ensure the security of persistent virtual experiences—has spiked dramatically, with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and cryptocurrencies making headlines.

Our Mission

The vision of Fyx Gaming is to create a Decentralized, Permissionless, & Open Metaverse Protocol to enable participants to quickly, efficiently, and affordably transact within game economies without fragmenting the ecosystem.
Layer one gaming is not only possible, but is also the way forward into creating the future vision of how Blockchain games will work for the masses.

How we plan to build the new Metaverse


Small Fees

In most blockchains, there is very limited space for transactions, so only the ones that pay the most are included in the blocks. The BSV block size is not capped, so there isn't any competition for block space.


Storing All
Data on Layer One

Other solutions are not able to store large amounts of data on chain, so they have to store images/assets with non-blockchain solutions, such as web servers/IPFS forever. We host everything on layer one, skipping all third-party hosting services.



Creating NFTs that provide functionality within a metaverse context will be better than ever when you have a suite of tools to provide your application to utilize those NFTs. Identity, Digital Assets, Digital Property, Royalties, and more.



The Metaverse will require infrastructure that can massively scale to support billions of users putting data on-chain in milliseconds. FYX Gaming uses symbiotic technologies to achieve the infrastructure needed to create immense value to users with transparency, decentralization, immutability, and digital property rights.


Free APIs and SDKs for Developers

The metaverse will need an open and permissionless protocol for content creators to access and build this new world. FYX Gaming will be releasing API and SDKs to allow an easy way for the world to utilize a metaverse protocol.



BSV offers a very low environmental impact and a minimal carbon footprint. Read more about Bitcoin SV's sustainability model here.

Scaling the Amount of Data we can Push on-chain