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Own Your In-Game Items and Profit from Your Play. Step into a realm where gamers are empowered with ownership.

Ownership for Gamers
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Power Up Ownership

Play and collect in game.
Sell on the FYX Gateway Market.
Buy new, classic or a boost for your play.
Use in game and own your victories.

Play to Profit

Enter the FYX Gateway

Your gateway to profit from your play. Create a free account and start selling your in game items.

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Universal Sign In

Jump right in! Connect Gmail, sign up with email, or watch out for upcoming options like game launcher connections. It's free to join and free to use.

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Connect Your Game

Link your favorite games in a flash. Hit 'connect', enter your game credentials, and voilà! Explore new gaming realms in a heartbeat.

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Begin Your Adventure

Enter the world of FYX Gateway. Your personal game vault keeps all your items safe, while you freely trade and explore. It's gaming freedom like never before!

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Empowered Gaming

The FYX Gateway is where every item you earn or buy in-game can turn into real-world profit, making every moment count.

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Empower with Ownership

Ownership is free for gamers. Whether you purchase items or earn through skillful play, each asset you acquire in-game holds potential for real-world value, enhancing your gaming experience with every game.

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Profit from Your Play

Sell your items with zero selling fees. Buyers pay a minimal purchase fee, ensuring your items remain both affordable for players and profitable for studios. It's a win-win: gamers enjoy affordable access to items, and studios benefit from a new, sustainable revenue stream.

How It Works

FYX Gateway defines gaming ownership. Easily manage your in-game items, with a straightforward path from game to trade and back.

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Instant Storage

Game Vault

Every item you earn or buy in-game is instantly stored in your personal Game Vault for each connected game. FYX Gateway ensures your digital assets are automatically cataloged and protected.

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Gamers Market

Trade Vault

Move your items from the Game Vault to the Trade Vault effortlessly. Our system guarantees a secure and swift transfer, empowering you to trade with confidence. List items on marketplaces directly from the Trade Vault.

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Ownership Anywhere

FYX Gateway Market

Buy and sell items in the FYX Gateway Marketplace. Find something to use in game? Complete the cycle by moving your newly acquired marketplace items back into your game. Enjoy the full circle of gaming and trading with FYX Gateway's Marketplace.

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FAQ for FYX Gateway

Discover how FYX Gateway can elevate your game's potential.

1. What is FYX Gateway?

FYX Gateway is a Marketplace-as-a-Service platform designed to seamlessly bridge gaming studios and players. It enables true ownership and profitable trading of in-game assets using immutable software, without the need for studios or players to directly interact with complex technology.

2. How does FYX Gateway benefit my gaming studio?

FYX Gateway opens new revenue streams through item royalties, enhances player engagement by offering true asset ownership, and provides a scalable solution for asset trading. It's designed to complement your existing revenue models without disruption.

3. Is technological knowledge required to integrate FYX Gateway?

No, technological expertise is not necessary. FYX Gateway is designed for easy integration with simple API plugins, allowing your studio to leverage immutable benefits without the complexity.

4. How does FYX Gateway ensure security and compliance?

App gives you the blocks & components you need to create a truly professional website, landing page or admin panel for your SaaS.and use it for business and personal use.

5. Can FYX Gateway be integrated with any gaming platform?

Yes, FYX Gateway is built for universal compatibility. It can be integrated with a wide range of gaming environments, game launchers, digital payment processing, DevOps and LiveOps networks, ensuring a smooth and versatile experience for all users.

6. What is the cost of integrating FYX Gateway?

Currently, we offer free onboarding for interested gaming studios. This includes full support during the integration process. Once operational, FYX Gateway generates revenue through a transparent royalty model, scaling with your game's usage of the platform.

1. What does the FYX Gateway do?

FYX Gateway is a revolutionary platform that allows you to truly own, buy, sell, and trade in-game items across various games and marketplaces. It empowers you to turn your gaming achievements into profitable assets, enhancing your gaming experience with financial rewards.

2. How do I get started with FYX Gateway?

Getting started is simple! Just create an account using your Gmail or email address. Soon, you'll also be able to sign up using platforms like Steam and Epic. Once your account is set up, you can easily connect your favorite games and begin exploring the marketplace.

3. Can I transfer items between different accounts using FYX Gateway?

Yes, FYX Gateway offers cross-platform compatibility, allowing you to transfer eligible items between different game accounts and marketplaces. This feature is dependent on the specific games and their compatibility with our platform.

4. Is there a fee for selling items on FYX Gateway?

As a gamer, you can list and sell your items for free on FYX Gateway. Buyers pay a small purchase fee, which keeps items affordable for players and profitable for studios. This model ensures a fair and rewarding experience for both sellers and buyers.

5. How does FYX Gateway ensure the security of my transactions and data?

We prioritize your security and privacy. All transactions on FYX Gateway are encrypted and securely processed. We also adhere to strict data protection policies to safeguard your personal information and gaming data.

6. Can I use FYX Gateway to discover new games and in-game items?

Absolutely! FYX Gateway is not just a marketplace; it's also a discovery platform. You can explore new games, find unique in-game items, and even create accounts for games you've never played before, all within our platform.

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