The Fyx Gaming Platform & The


When Kronoverse was born our team was in the ethereum ecosystem and the metaverse was a big idea that had no practical answer at the time. We saw the metaverse as an aspirational goal of this new blockchain gaming industry forming out of the concepts ushered in by Bitcoin in the early 2010's.

Esports Platform

The FYX Gaming platform origins started with looking at how the technology pioneered with CryptoFights could be used across other industries such as eSports. It provided a universal solution to the fragmentation of the industry and legacy technologies used.

With a blockchain, a user's move could have an immutable path forward to the multiplayer server. This would provide an incorruptible audit trail of everything that happens inside of a game and ensure game integrity.

Online tournaments could be created that could have automated payouts, automatic organization, and provide a level of transparency that is not seen yet within eSports.

Every move saved to a public decentralized blockchain ensures we have a permanent immutable time capsule of every player, every move, forever...

Metaverse Infrastructure & Platform

The Metaverse starts to come back into focus with play-to-earns explosive growth in 2021 showing the team at FYX Gaming that the world is ready to experience the next frontier in gaming. We work on a whitepaper for how to turn CryptoFights from a proof of concept for blockchain gaming into a full play-to-earn game with enough depth to incentivize players long term. The infrastructure that we pioneered for CryptoFights can be used by other games and services to start building pieces of the metaverse that can scale to billions of players. We constantly strive to push the limits on what can be done with Bitcoin and look forward to showing that layer one gaming is not only achievable but the most realistic way to operate a metaverse.

Users in the metaverse should have the ability to create and participate in the development of the world but also have the ability to have features and benefits that create positive feedback for all actors involved.

Our Numbers Pushed on-chain So Far