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Build the new world
of esports with us
The online gaming landscape can be tough on indie developers, so we’re here to change that. Our native cash tournaments create a whole new way to be monetized, experienced and discovered.

Earn 10% of your game’s total cash pots, and get paid out monthly.

The more volume your games see, the higher your percentage can grow.


Native Cash Tournaments are a Game Changer

We’re taking extreme measures for fair play, ensuring all FYX gamers are vetted beforehand.

We also keep a digital ledger of every move a gamer makes, so we can spot irregularities.

Unprecedented fairplay

integrity is integral
to our platform

FYX Gamers will be introduced to new games through triathlon-style tournaments.

We’re taking steps to make discovering your game a top priority.

more game discovery

we want to earn you more players

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The FYX platform is a game changer for developers and players.
It gives indie and mainstream developers not only a viable path to monetize their content for eSports, but also takes advantage of critical eSports features such as cash tournaments, eSports betting revenue, item ownership, game discovery, and item marketplaces.

For players, these unique features create numerous opportunities for cross-game collaboration and tournaments, in ways never seen before in the eSports space for players.

Ron Chaimowitz,
Board Advisor

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