CryptoFights - A Proof of Concept

CryptoFights, the first game to be released on the Fyx platform, is a turn-based fighting game based on D&D mechanics that will demonstrate that gaming and esports can be transformed with BSV by offering players game integrity, ownable items, tournaments, and eventually the metaverse.

The initial idea for CryptoFights was born in 2018 when blockchain games were a niche industry. Back then, they were just simple web apps. We asked ourselves: Why were they not using game engines? Most games were focused on the economy and items, but not on the game itself...

Fyx spent a year of research and development of solutions to achieve gameplay using Ethereum and just found more problems we would need to solve along with being tempted to put more things off-chain.

We started looking for other blockchains that we could rely on having a stable protocol and its ability to scale transactions to put gameplay on-chain.

In early 2019 we moved to BSV from ETH mainly because of scaling concerns. We were later proven right in late 2020 and early 2021 when the transaction fees for BTC and ETH became too high for microtransactions to be feasible. While we were learning how to operate using gameplay and the blockchain together in ways that the industry was not familiar with we had to develop our own infrastructure to handle two key issues: Speed & Stability.

Speed: Users require an experience that is as good as what they are used to with legacy technology.
Stability: Users will not have a satisfactory experience if there is periods of time with lag or downtime.

This process took some time to get right and required extensive research and trials. We released various beta testing periods to users over this time to understand how players making moves from a bitcoin wallet instead of a traditional I/O system would work in the real world.

Who knew finances and gaming could integrate so seamlessly?

To better understand why this model is different from everything else out there you have to understand the foundation of a bitcoin transaction.

Think of writing a check for your move inside of a game.
You need to put:
- Date or timestamp
- The amount - can be less than a penny
- Who it's written to
- Signature to authorize the transaction
- A memo field to explain what your move inside the game was.

This is how a bitcoin node can accept your transaction as valid and be used to create a new multiplayer server with fast access to data while processing immutable data from players.